The two professional administrators of WISE, Inc. have proven track records of success in working with diverse at risk client populations that span the past 25 years.  They have worked with clients in their communities as well as in institutional settings (e.g., mental health, educational institutions, correctional facilities).

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To provide measurable comprehensive direct services to families, children, youth, and communities addressing problems that are preventing them from realizing their full social, educational, and economic potential.  Clients will be able to receive in one place the multiple levels of individualized services unique to their situation(s).

The primary focus is on elementary school children who though experiencing behavioral problems are more amenable to positive role modeling behaviors and attitudes.

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Wise Enterpriseļæ½s comprehensive service delivery capacity is four fold:


Counselors will intervene individually with elementary school children in their schools daily coordinating their efforts with teachers and other school support staff. Professional counselors will visit homes of clients and improve environmental elements that may be hindering human growth and productivity. Children will be transported to the WISE center for tutorial, recreational and behavioral modification programs. Daily group and individual counseling sessions will be conducted for primary caregivers of children.  This will include parent(s), grandparent(s), and guardians.


WISE will provide direct services to families, children, youth, and communities.  The WISE mission:  To help individuals, families and communities to realize their full social, educational, and economic potential. 

WISE staff will advocate for clients at the policy level(s) so the impact of proven best practice intervention models can be maximized and disseminated to agencies and service providers that directly and indirectly affect the lives of our clients as well as those similarly situated.            
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Credentials  and Expertise of WISE Enterprise Principals

All of the WISE professional staff will hold earned academic degrees and will operate under the highest ethical and professional standards.

The principals hold earned terminal degrees from renowned higher education institutions such as Columbia University, George Mason University, Virginia Commonwealth University and Howard University.

Moreover, they have worked in academic settings wherein their direct practice experience and training have been incorporated into the creation of a national model for an accredited baccalaureate Social Work program.

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Selected Accomplishments of Principals

  • Developed an administered first community-based residential treatment center for adjudicated youth in New York City.
  • Administered day treatment and residential youth and family services for youth and families in five boroughs of New York and Long Island.
  • One of five clinicians on east coast trained by Dr. Robert Liberman of UCLA in Psycho-educational rehabilitation.
  • Certified Forensic Evaluator for Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • Chaplin, Richmond Police Department
  • Rebuilt a baccalaureate Social Work department and achieved full re-accreditation through 2011.
  • Served as higher education Academic Dean at highly selective university and Vice President for Academic Affairs at another university.
  • Authored five books and numerous scholarly articles of public education policy and practices.

WISE Enterprise, Inc.
3117 West Clay Street, Suite 2
Richmond, Virginia 23230
Phone:  (804) 355-1068

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